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Top Golf Games for the PC


You don't need to go to a golf course to play a game of golf. There's the action filled games with ultra-realistic graphics, and the strategy based games that focus on managing a golfer's career. Which ever you prefer there's a game for you.

1. "Total Pro Golf 2"

Total Pro Golf 2 Screenshot
Screenshot © Wolverine Studios.
"Total Pro Golf 2" is not your typical golf game. You won't be swinging the club and trying to swing at just the right momentum. You won't see Tiger Woods taking putting or winning another tournament. It's a game of building up skills, picking the right tournaments, and aiming for your golfer. "Total Pro Golf" has a top down view of the golf course, and you guide your golfer through the course based on their skills and the environment.

2. "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08"

Courtesy of Pricegrabber.
You should invest in the "Tiger Woods PGA Tour" series if you are looking for a realistic golf simulation. If working on the career of one golfer, while golfing on the courses the big tournaments take place, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008" is the golf game for you. It has the awe inspiring graphics and the difficulty of being out on the golf course.
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3. "Sid Meier's SimGolf"

Sid Meier's SimGolf Box Cover
Box Cover © Electronic Arts.
"SimGolf" was originally released in 2002. Despite being released years ago, it is still one my favorite choices of golf games. Typical of other Maxis sim games, the gameplay is about management of a golf resort. While playing through self-designed or premade courses, you'll find the combination of management, course play, and colorful graphics to provide hours of entertainment. Because "SimGolf" was released a few years ago, it may be difficult to find it by itself. Instead it can be bought as part of a game collection, "Sim Mania 3."
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