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"The Sims 2" Downloads : Houses & Community Lots

The building tools in "The Sims 2" give house creators the ability to create sophisticated homes. Downloading homes is great to save time from making your own, or if you seem to always make box homes.

Anno Sims

Wow! Anno Sims has incredible houses. Homes of types for all classes of Sims. I especially love Mrs. Crumplebottom's Cottage.

A Casa Dos Sims

A Spanish site with beautiful homes complete with landscaped yards. The houses are are good sized, not for those Sims just starting out.

Styling Home

Trendy, modern homes for single Sims looking to entertain large groups, homes for those just starting out, and houses for families are a few of the type of homes you'll find here. Many of the homes are small should play with on lots of computers.


Homes that are have landscaping and come in a range of sizes and styles. Houses for Sims that demand their homes look good on the outside and inside.

Invisible Sims 2

Large, elaborate designed homes and Downtown lots for "The Sims 2 Nightlife." The homes come fully landscaped.

Mike Inside

Mike has a small collection of homes. The homes available have unique architecture, including split-level houses.


Organza has clothing and houses. There are small houses, with the minimal decorations and new Downtown lots. Updates are clearly marked.

4 Ever Simfantasy

A collection of homes that each have their own unique look, many with a modern flair.

XM Sims

The focus of XM Sims on skins. The houses that are up for download were designed with attention to detail and will be the envy of the neighbors.


The homes are divided up by modern and antique. Within the older homes, are mostly castles. The castles are great examples of what the building tools in "The Sims 2" can do, however, they are quite large and probably won't run well on slower computers.


Hugo has a mixture of sizes and styles of houses. Many of the homes have at least some landscaping, a few have elaborate gardens.

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