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"Hospital Tycoon" (PC)


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Deep Red Games




Life Simulation

Release Date:

June 8, 2007

ESRB Rating:

Everyone 10 and older - Crude Humor, Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence



"Hospital Tycoon" Description:

Players are put in charge of a hospital, with the focus not on being managing every minute detail but of comical situations. "Hospital Tycoon" is aiming towards being comical, rather than being a serious life sim where you need to make sure you have all the inventory accounted for.

"Hospital Tycoon" Features:

  • Direct doctors to cure and treat patients.
  • Upgrade, control, and manage areas (surgery, diagnosis, physiotherapy and more) to take care of patients medical needs.
  • Doctors, nurses, and patients will interact with each other based on how well your run the hospital.
  • Part medical, part soap opera, and part comedy, "Hospital Tycoon" is looking to make you laugh.
  • Patients will have ailments such as, Monkey Nuts and Stress Zombosis.

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