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"The Sims" : House Plans Websites

If you run out of ideas for house to build in The Sims, try house plan websites. They are great resources that can jump start your creativity. The websites provide house plans for real homes, and while, they won't fit perfectly into "The Sims," the plans should give you plenty of ideas.
  1. Home Plans from Architec...

Architectural Designs
New homes plans are featured on the front page, along with the editor's pick of the week. Like many house plan homes, you can browse through by searching or picking a style.

Cool House Plans
Use the search feature to find exactly what you are looking for, or browse through the directory organized by style.

Country House Plans
As you can guess, this house plan site specializes in country homes. The site may not offer nearly as many plans as other sites, but has plans that can easily be adapted to "The Sims."

Dream House Source
15,000 house plans are available at this site. Browse through by the most popular homes or by your choice of style.

Browse through the house plans by style or square footage. Each plan has a description, a drawing of the house finished, and of course, the house plans for each floor.

England Design Company
This home plan site is not cluttered by ads. Not a giant collection, but a good assorted of styles.

House Plan Guys
Use the detailed quick search to get ideas for the type of house you want to build. If you register (for free) you can save plans to look at later.

The Plan Collection
One of my favorite places to visit, because of the quality drawing of homes. Thousands of plans can be seen here.

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