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Medical Themed Computer Games

Medicine is serious business - at least in real life. Medical themed games aren't always so serious, like "Theme Hospital." Saving virtual lives is tough work, while many games making you diagnose a patient based on their symptoms. You choose the treatment for the patient and hope that they can be saved in time.
  1. 911 Paramedic (1)
  2. ER: The Game (6)
  3. Hospital Tycoon (5)
  4. Theme Hospital (3)

"Sarah's Emergency Room" (PC)
Sarah must tend to all the patients that enters the hospital in Sarah's Emergency Room. Patients in Sarah's Emergency Room require triage help, x-rays, general diagnose, and sometimes surgery.

"Pet Pals: Animal Doctor" (PC)
Take care of pets as help owners make their animals feel better as the vet in Pet Pals Animal Doctor.

Top Picks Medical Sims
Cure and help others recover in medical sim games. These games over lots of territory. Medical sims cover many areas: war zones, emergency room, and hospital management.

Sims to Make You Smile
While the primary allure of a computer sim is the sense of realism it conveys, the subject matter doesn't necessarily have to be dry or humorless. In fact, the genre is rife with titles that satisfy one's need to construct, command and control, but also to grin, giggle and guffaw. Here are five computer titles, in no particular order, that are...

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