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"The Sims 2" Object Downloads

"The Sims 2" comes with a limited number of color options for each object. "The Sims 2" community has found a way to modify the game and add patterns to use to cover the Maxis objects, and even create original 3D objects. So get downloading objects and redecorate your homes!
  1. Hacked Objects

Sims 2 Studio

Free and pay object sets at Sims 2 Studio. The objects are original meshes, all high quality. Many of the sets focus around food and restaurants. With the clean lines and bright colors, they stand out among the crowd.

Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes

Betsy's has a little bit of everything. Beautiful rugs for the kids or Grandma. A set of messy objects for your sloppy Sims. Her bedroom sets include a large number of coordinating objects.

Sims Design Avenue

Modern, contemporary designs in sets for all rooms in your Sims' homes. Beautiful and well crafted! Be sure to check out the Far West theme. Gorgeous houses and room sets can be found in that section.

"The Sims 2" Using Objects: Color Options Enabler (CEP) Download

To use recolors of objects created for The Sims 2, you will need to download a plugin, Color Options Enabler or CEP.

Around the Sims 2

Original, new 3D object sets. Sandy has a few sets for each room type, many of which have a modern flair.

Reflex Sims

Reflex Sims has a range of styles (country, modern, trendy, antique) and original objects for all types of rooms.


SimGedohns has collections of orignal objects, many in multiple colors. The objects come in large room sets with many coordinated items. Make sure to visit the kitchen section.

Sunair Sims

Not just recolored versions of Maxis objects, Sunair Sims puts new graphics on the bases, to give your houses a different style.

Sims 2 Play

Sims 2 Play has a selection of objects with original meshes. Many of the new objects come with multiple patterns for each. A nice selection of bedroom sets and rugs.


Object sets with new 3D meshes for all types of rooms. Don't miss the study room sets and bedroom sets for the kids and adults.


Meskite has collections of meshes that object makes can use for free. Some the highlights are on the site include bambo furniture, fireplaces, and beds.

VR Zone

VR Zone's object section has new meshes and textures for existing objects. Be sure to check out the large collection of rugs (remember to download the mesh for it!).

4 Ever Simfantasy

4 Ever Simfantasy has object sets for all types of rooms. Good shopping spot for Sims that desire a modern touch for their homes.

Annex, The

The Annex has many recolors of Maxis objects and of new meshes created by other fans. Be sure to read which meshes you need to use the objects. The majority of object downloads come in matching sets.

Art Prints for The Sims1

Art Prints is a German Yahoo Group with new original objects (beds, patio sets) and paintings.

"The Sims 2" Official Site

When looking for object downloads, don't forget to check the official site for new objects. You will need to register to download.

DJS Sims

A nice collection of recolors for beds, among other recolors for chairs and decor. The site is easy to navigate and also offers skins, hacks, and walls to download.

Mango Sims

Good looking furniture, furniture I wouldn't mind using in my own home can be downloaded here. The recolors are modern with vibrant colors.

Vita Sims 2

Object downloads with new meshes at Vita Sims 2. The free objects include baby cribs, plants, and mostly chairs and other living room accessories. Other object sets can be downloaded for a donation.

Sim a Little Dream a Lot

Bed recolors, hacked objects, and many paintings. Be sure to check out the replacement dishes. The site also offers a few homes and tie-dyed clothing.

Pixel Sims

Simple, yet essential items for your home. Pixel Sims has beautiful, new 3D objects like windows, doors, and a desk set.


Beautiful, original, high quality room sets that will awe you can be downloaded at Simplan. The objects are recolors, that add a completely new feel for the furniture.


Walls, floors, room sets, new object textures, and clothes. Simscorner has a little of everything. One room set of interest is the Playmate Bedroom, with the words Playmate scrolled across the bedspread.

The Sims Resource

The Sims Resource takes user submissions of all types of downloads for "The Sims 2." The object downloads are now into the thousands. This site is a subscription site, with free downloads rotating every three days.

The Well Dressed Sim

The Well Dressed Sim is a subscription site with complete object room sets to download. The matching objects (or room sets) often come with the small matching accessories as well, like lamps or wallpaper.

Sims Connection

Original hair meshes and clothes for the Sims who demand to dress with style. The objects section includes items for home and community lots.


You'll have to register for free to download the room sets at Wall Sims. The style of objects ranges from traditional to modern. My favorite set are the garage objects. Some objects are only available if you donate.

Sim Snobs

Sim Snobs has complete room sets in all types of styles and clothing for all age groups. A subscription is required.


Original 3D curtains, paintings, chairs, and small room sets. There is a section for skins, however, they are not divided by age group or gender.

Wood for Sims 2

If you like traditional furniture, don't delay and visit Wood for Sims 2. Your whole house will match once you are done downloading here. One set that includes even outdoor furniture is all bamboo style. A subscription is required.

Simcredible Designs 2

A collection of original 3D objects and clothing with noticeable attention to the small details.


Edenstyle has good looking recolored object sets of Maxis objects. Clothing and makeup are up to download as well.

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