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Online Sim Games (PC)

Playing against others online is a great way to meet people and have fun. Online sims range from handling medical emergencies to managing baseball teams There aren't many wants better to waste time than by playing online sim games.
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Details on Arma 2's DayZ mod, a survival simulation in an open world populated by zombie-like humans and deadly player-controlled bandits.

SimCity Social
Details on Facebook's free-to-play SimCity Social, a city-building game inspired by the long-running SimCity franchise.

Guns of Icarus Online
Details and information on Guns of Icarus Online, a team-oriented flight combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Fantasy Basketball

"Farm Town"
Take your crops through the harvesting cycle and care for animals on your farm in the popular Facebook game, Farm Town.

Sim Gaming on Facebook
I avoided Facebook at all costs. Then after listening to my family's discussion of flinging food at each other, I figured just maybe this was something I needed to take part in. My sister introduced me to "Restaurant City." That's all it took for me to start my hunt of other sims.

Facebook is not just a place to meet up with old friends. It's also a source of social gaming. Send gifts and wo…

"Football Superstars"
"Football Superstars," an online (and free!) sports game for soccer star wannabes. Your job is to not function as the coach, instead work on one player's career. Games are played in matches of 3 to 11 on each side. Your team mate is another player online at the same time you are. No playing against computer players! Matches are setup based on your ability.

"Empire of Sports"
Join an online community of virtual athletes! "Empire of Sports" has you create a persona to develop into a star athlete. Your character will have to work out, be able to join teams and leagues. Multiple sports will be available, including soccer ans skiing.

Free Game: "eLections"
eLections is a free online game that simulates what it takes to win a Presidential election of the United States. You decide which position you take on the issues.

"Freestyle Street Basketball" (Online)
Play a pickup game of basketball against other gamers online. Freestyle Street Basketball comes with no monthly fees.

"SingShot" - Online Karaoke
Got a good voice? Let the world hear by recording your favorite sings in SingShot. Singshot has popular music from all genres.

Play "Fish Tycoon" Online
"Fish Tycoon" is a fish breeding simulation, where you breed fish together trying to find the magical breeds.

"Virtual Villagers" Online
Help villagers survive on an island while helping them solve the mysteries of the island, all in real-time.

About.com Acrade Center
Play free online games right here at About. The online games include word games, bingo, slingo, and puzzles.

Cheating in Online Games
Dave Spohn, About's Internet Games Guide, writes about the history online cheating and how gamers cheat.

Internet Games
Visit About's Internet Games site for extensive coverage of online games.

Online Poker Games Basics
Is online poker legal? Secure? What about cheaters? Dave Spohn answers you questions on playing poker online.

Web Games and Text-based Games 101
About's Internet Games Expert, Dave Spohn, explains the basics of web games and what you need to play most of them.

Online Games Taking Off
Online gaming is becoming more popular for computer and console gamers. Which option is the best for? And more information about what you need to get started.

Online Games for Preschool Kids
Online games that will teach preschool children their letters and numbers, while playing with their favorite characters.

Best Free Online Paintball Games
The best online paintball games according to Ella Kennen, About's Paintball Guide.

Top 10 Online Poker Game
Screenshots and a description of About's Poker Guide's top picks of places to play poker online.

Online Golf Games
A list of some of the best free online golf games you'll find on the Web. Some require Shockwave, others are Java applets. These online golf games range from sophisticated to basic

"Hollywood Stock Exchange"
Get ready to put your (fake) money on the line by investing money into movie stock. Buy stocks on movies released, as the movies make money, so don't you! The online game is free to play.

For the gamers who love dogs, who may be interested in ShowDog.com. The online simulation that puts in charge of breeding, training, and grooming show dogs. It'll be up to you to decide which shows you should enter, when you breed he dogs, and manage the budget.

An online sim game where you own and breed horses for show. For players under 13, there is a junior version available for sign-up. There is a free version and a premium version, which allows the gamer to own stables and horse shows.

"City Creator"
Not your tradition city building sim. In "City Creator" you'll design a city using premade buildings, people, and vehicles.

tradeOver is an online free stock game where you start with a (fantasy) amount of 1,000,000 USD and you learn about the stock market by doing commodity or currency trading or by investing in a major world index, a corporation, an advanced tech firm, and even in US treasury bonds.

"Rich Man Game"
Rich Man Game is an massive multiplayer online game, that tests you business sense. You'll expand your business, take over others, and more.

"SimCity Classic" Online
Play the classic version "SimCity" online and while chatting with other "SimCity" fans.

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