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Online Worlds

Online worlds let you create a character, a home, and a new personality if you wish. You can take on jobs, be part of a community, and have fun hanging out with others in an online world.
  1. Second Life (7)
  2. Sims Online, The (13)

Disney's Toontown : An Online World for Kids
There are lots of online worlds (MMORPGs) available. Not all of them are suited for younger gamers. Disney's Toontown is great for the youngster who loves to play games and is not old enough to play some of the more adult MMORPGs out there.

Top Picks - Online Worlds
Did you try "The Sims Online" and decide it wasn't the game for you, but are still interested in the online world? Maybe one of these games will peak your interest.

"A3: Awakening"
A web-based, massive online game about Aliens. The game has been running since 1997, and has many community features.

"Active Worlds"
Over 1000 unique worlds to immerse yourself in. Shop, play games, and hang out with others. Rick’s Café, Pollen World, Fantasy World, and Castles World are samples of worlds you can be a part of.

"Habbo Hotel"
"Habbo Hotel is a virtual hotel where you can hang out and make new friends. It's designed for 14 to 20 year olds in the UK, but everyone is welcome." - Website description

Moove is a 3D online world. Decorate your home, invite others to come over, or explore the world by visiting your neighbors. You are required to pay a monthly fee to play, with the option to try it for free.

"Second Life"
"Second Life" has a complex social and economic structure. You can fully customize your home and appearance.

Play, shop, explore, and talk in the online game "There." Not only do you get to go shopping, chat with friends, but also you can take part in events, such as Halloween.

Design a character, build a house, play games to earn money, read the newspaper, visit City Hall, and more.

"World War II Online"
Read about this World War II online multiplayer game at the official website. There is a great introduction to the game, that will answer just about all your questions.

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