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Downloads - Programs for "The Sims"

Download programs for "The Sims" to help you create objects, wallpaper, floors, and organize your downloads. There are official "The Sims" downloads to try, as well as, fan created programs.

Top Picks - Programs for "The Sims"
Since the release of The Sims, many new freeware programs have been created to aid in playing The Sims. Here are some of the best programs, and how they will help you.

The Sims Nude Patch
Download this patch to get rid of the blur that covers up your sims when they are naked. Kids please ask permission before downloading.

The Sims Transmogrifier
The Sims Transmogrifier is a program that allows you to create objects for your Sims.

The Sims File Cop
Have you ever had the game crash on you after you just installed a new batch of skins or objects? This little program will go through your files and clean up the bad or corrupted files.

EliSims MultiNeighborhood
EliSims allows you to play multiple neighborhoods in The Sims. The program is especially useful for players who do not have the expansion packs, which allows for multiple neighborhoods. You can also view and delete wallpaper, objects, floors, roofs, and skins in your game.

FaceLift Gold
With this program you create new faces and heads. There are two versions FaceLift Gold and FaceLift. If you have a slow connection download FaceLift.

HomeCrafter allows you to create your own wallpaper and floors. You create your images in a graphics program, and HomeCrafter will export the images into the correct file format.

SimCategorizer & SimWardrobe
SimCategorizer lets you organize your downloads for "Hot Date." SimWardorbe is a great program that lets you easily change your Sims default clothing.

SimEnhancer works will all versions of "The Sims," and gives you the option edit your Sims personality and change skins. There is a small fee for the program. Another program offered on this site is CMX Validation. It that finds and fixes common problems CMX files.

SimPose-ium lets you pose your Sims any way you want to. It allows you to add a background, and move your Sim to the desired position.

SimShow lets you preview your skins on a Sim after you have created a skin in a paint program. There is also a tutorial you can download, to help you use the program.

Simsky is a simple graphic program, designed for creation of high-quality pictures from The Sims and other tools associated with the game. Use this program with Simpose for the ultimate picture.

Ahn's Sim Attacher Program
The Sim Attacher program allows you to add props to your Sims, such as hats and glasses. The program is available at SimFreaks, which is a subscription site.

Art Studio
Art Studio allows you to make your own pictures for The Sims. Follow the simple steps, and you will making pictures in no time.

"The Sims" Edit Menu
Official program that allows you to change the menu properties of an object. So now your cloned object, can have special menu options!

The Hoods
Simlane has created an easy to use program that will allow you to change the look of your neighbhorhood. Want your Sims to live on a tropical island? Now they can!

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