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My shelve space is limited. First it was game boxes taking over my office. Now it's DVD cases, I have such a difficult time parting with anything Sims related. But maybe, it's time to try letting go to having a physical disk and try digital downloads. I'm not sure I can completely switch over to buying all my games as downloads. The old school part of me still likes to hold the physical disk and manual in hand.

1. Direct2Drive

Direct2Drive is the digital download service to try first. Simmers will find the major simulation titles, as well as, indie titles. Excellent discounts, ability to back up games (though they still must be activated online), and having the smaller sim titles give Direct2Drive an edge above Steam. Digital game downloads are becoming popular, which in turns means you do not have to wait around to get patches. Patches are readily available for digital versions - so don't let that keep you from at least trying digital downloads at least once.

2. EA Download Manager

EA Download Manager is the perfect solution for Simmers who do not want to pre-order or run away town trying to find the latest Sims release on release day. Sims games can be paid for at ea.com then a legal digital copy is downloaded. Stuff packs, full games, and expansions are all available.

3. Steam

Steam offers a huge library of games. Games bought through the online service, are even automatically updated. It's a popular service and does have an active community. The problem with Steam for simulation gamers, is the limited number of sim games. While a good service, it's not going to take care of all your simming needs; especially if you like playing niche games.
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