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"The Sims" : Adult Downloads

Download objects and skins with an adult theme for "The Sims." Sexy skins, strip door, and nude patch are examples of the adult downloads available at the listed sites.

NOTE: The links on this page send the reader to websites intended for adult only audiences. They are N.S.F.W. (not suitable for work).

Not only adult objects, but NPCs and book replacement too. A SimsHost subscription site.

The Sims Nude Patch
Get rid of the blur that covers the Sims when they take their clothes, with this patch.

8th Deadly Sim
A pay site that provides adult objects, sexy and nude skins, that are high quality. You can set levels to screen out downloads that may be too risque for you.

JD's Simulated
An adult sim site, that has many hacked objects and adult skins. Some of the hacked objects are graphic. A subscription is required.

A collection of adult objects, including love beds with different positions.

Pandora Sims
Adult subscriber downloads can't be previewed without a subscription. The latest updates, however can be, and will give you an idea of what the site has to offer.

A small collection of adult objects, mostly paintings.

Tainted Love
Adult female skins can be downloaded at Tainted Love.

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