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"SimCity 2000"

"SimCity" is the ultimate city building sim. "SimCity 2000" is the second version in the popular series. Make your own buildings, play scenarios, and create a metropolis in "SimCity 2000." The fan sites below offer tile sets, cities, and strategy.

Chris Nacinovich's "SimCity 2000" and SCURK Page
Chris' page hasn't been updated in awhile, but there are some good downloads for "SimCity 2000." Mansions, castles, and commericial buildings are up for download.

MacSys SimCity 2000 Page
This is a "SimCity 2000" page dedicated to Mac users. Instructions for converting files from gif format to mac tiles are available. Downloads include a great collection of buildings and cities.

A wonderful site for downloading tile sets for "SimCity 2000." The site only offers a few sets, including ones for Manhattan and Wurstburg. If you are interested in trying to use SCURK yourself, you'll find the construction tips section helpful.

SimCity 2000 Resource Center
Great site for info and strategy, also has lots of cities to download, and info about SCURK.

The Sojot Collection
No longer updating, but it does have a great collection of office buildings for "SimCity 2000." There are building sets for Russia, Japan, and Asia.

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