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"SimCity 3000"

"SimCity 3000" is the ultimate city building sim. Make your own buildings, play scenarios, and create a metropolis.

"SimCity 3000" Cleaning Up Pollution Tip
A tip to help you clean up the pollution in your SimCity 3000 cities.

"SimCity 3000 Unlimited" Starter Towns
Download starter towns for "SimCity 3000 Unlimited." Starter towns have all the infrastructure needed to start a new city.

How to Build a Bridge in "SimCity 3000"
Learn how to build a bridge in "SimCity 3000" in this how to by following easy steps and reading tips provided by your guide.

Freeland is an still an active community for "SimCity 3000" players. There are a huge amount of downloads available. The forum is also active.

Official "SimCity" Website
SimCity Exchange that has buildings, cities, Scenarios, and Maxis downloads, forum, chat, and tips and tricks.

SC3K Map Editor
This free map editor allows you to edit terrians in "SimCity 3000." You edit the terrian in 3D. The program has a variety of tools that help you edit the terrian.

"SimCity 3000" Resource Center
One of the best sites for information, cities, terrians, and even starter towns.

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