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"SimCity 4"

"SimCity 4" features a new graphic and simulation engines, regional gameplay, and the ability to track the lives of individual residents as they go about their routines.
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The "SimCity" Series
Will Wright's Simcity series is one of the best city building games you can play. Not all versions in the series are made equally, discover which is the best for you!

"SimCity 4 Deluxe" (PC)
SimCity 4 Deluxe comes with SimCity 4 and SimCity 4 Rush Hour expansion. With the Rush Hour expansion installed, SimCity 4 feels whole.

"SimCity 4" System Requirements
Make sure your computer meets the system requirements for SimCity 4 before buying the game.

"SimCity 4 Rush Hour" Review
A description and summary of my thoughts on "SimCity 4's" first expansion pack.

"SimCity 4" Review
The details on the newest version of the series.

"SimCity 4" Screenshots
A collection of "SimCity 4" screenshots.

"SimCity 4 Rush Hour" Object Guide
A guide on the objects (roadway, zones, etc) that you can buy in "Rush Hour."

"SimCity 4" Cheats
Working cheats for Simcity 4. Cheat codes for SimCity 4 give you money, building opportunties, and more.

More "SimCity 4" Cheats
Codes for "SimCity 4" that involve power, rewards, the clock, zots, and more. If you have a cheat or tip about "SimCity 4" submit it today!

Have you seen the commercial for "SimCity 4?" If not, download it now! Other videos of in-game play are available.

The Building Architect Tool
With the Building Architect Tool (B.A.T.) you can create custom buildings for "SimCity." You'll need to update your game and download a few extras.

"SimCity 4" Quiz
After hours of playing you probably think you know everything about "SimCity 4." Find out with this quiz.

"SimCity 4 Strategy Guide" Review
This is one strategy guide you shouldn't pass up on. Read the review to find out why.

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