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"SimCity Societies" Screenshots (PC)


"SimCity Societies" is going to have a different look and focus from the previous game in the series, "SimCity 4." Urban planning is less focused on managing water pipes and electric lines, but instead on the culture and atmosphere you hope to create in the city. Cities could be police states or have a light hearted fun atmosphere all year long. Gone are the days of zoning, instead buildings are handpicked and placed.
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SimCity Societies - Wind PowerWind PowerSimCity Societies - Wind FarmWind FarmSimCity Societies - Solar PlantSolar PlantSimCity Societies - Solar Powered BuildingSolar Powered Building
SimCity Societies - Small TownSmall TownSimCity Societies ScreenshotPowerSimCity Societies - Hydrogen PlantCoal / Hydrogen PlantCity Outskirts
SimCity Societies - FarmFarmingSimCity Societies - Small TownCity OutskirtsSimCity SocietiesAuditoriumsSimCity Societies - FactoriesFactories
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