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Tilted Mills, previously worked on "Caesar IV" and "Children of the Nile"


Electronic Arts

Release Date:

November 15, 2007

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Rating Pending


City Building

"SimCity Societies" Description:

"SimCity Societies" is going to look much different from the previous game in the series, "SimCity 4." Urban planning is focused on the culture and atmosphere you hope to create in the city. Cities could be police states or have a light hearted fun atmosphere all year long. You picked which buildings are constructed and where.

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The ultimate goal of "SimCity Societies" is to be user-friendly and easy for new players to pick up learn quickly.

"SimCity Societies" Features:

  • Build cities based on culture, behaviors, and social energies.
  • Artistic, haunted, green city, spiritual, modern, and romantic are some of the types of cities you can build.
  • 350 building types to combine and connect.
  • Architectural styles range from fun to modern.
  • Industry, wealth, obedience, knowledge, devotion, or creativity determines the social energy and the type of city you'll have.
  • Environment friendly power sources, such as wind, natural gas, hydrogen, and solar power.

VP and Studio Head of The Sims Division, Rod Humble Comments in Press Release:

"SimCity Societies allows players to create a variety of cities with the unique societies they desire. There is such a variety of cities to build from in SimCity Societies – and they’re all such a blast to play. Sometimes I build an aggressive police state where stragglers are dragged off to re-conditioning centers and emerge ready for work. Other times, I build a green community in the tropics, where the citizens grow their own food and have a small environmental footprint. With so many options to choose from, SimCity Societies is the most flexible city building game ever!"
[Source: Electronic Arts Press Release]
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