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Christmas Downloads for "The Sims"

Help your Sims get into the holiday spirit by decorating their homes with Christmas decorations! The fans sites below offer a variety of Christmas downloads including trees, wreaths, paintings, and wallpaper!
  1. Sims 2 Christmas Downloads

7 Deadly Sims
7 Deadly Sims has an assortment of holiday downloads, including a snowman and a decorated fireplace.

Around the Sims
Get your Sims in the holiday spirit by dressing them in beautiful holiday gowns.

Colorma's Christmas Dreams
A site devoted to Christmas objects. Currently there are many good building objects and decorations.

Dincer Hepguler's
Dincer's has a santa, fireplace, wreath, and other Christmas decorations, all original objects.

Laura T. Christmas
A beautifil bedroom set, and an amazingly detailed collection of objects and wallpaper to make a gingerbread house.

Living It Up
Living It Up has a variety of objects and wallpaper to download. Included in their holiday collection is: a sleigh, Snoopy paintings, and flowers.

Nighttime Sims
Nighttime Sims starts off their holiday collection with a Christmas buffect table and seating.

A winter wonderland pet shop, and holiday rugs to download.

Sim Love
A Christmas bedroom, living, bathroom, and lots of objects that don't belong with a set.

Sim Placement
Sim Placement has holiday candles, paintings, and wallpaper.

Outside Christmas lights, fireplaces, Christmas trees, and fun holiday outfits are a few of the downloads found at this subscription site.

Snowflake window decorations and wreaths here.

Sims Interior Designs
Download an animated Christmas tree from Sims Interior Designs.

Sunair has red and green colored furniture for your sim living room!

Well Dressed Sim
The Well Dressed Sim, a pay site, has a Christmas living room and store set up.

Wood for Sims
Wood for Sims has some fabulous Christmas trees to download for free!

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