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"The Sims SuperStar" Expansion Pack

"The Sims Superstar" is the 6th expansion pack for "The Sims" gives us a chance to follow a Sim to work and become famous. Be a model, a singer, an actor, and more in "The Sims Superstar."
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"The Sims Superstar" 101
Learn the tricks to launch a career as a Superstar successful in "The Sims Superstar" expansion pack.

Review: "The Sims Superstar" Expansion Pack
A description of gameplay, graphics, sound, and my thoughts on "The Sims Superstar" expansion pack.

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With every new expansion pack Prima Games has published a new strategy guide. But do you really need another guide?

"The Sims SuperStar" Screenshots
Get a glimpse of the new expansion pack "The Sims Superstar."

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