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Soccer Sims

Soccer is the world's most popular sport. Manage a team or become a player with soccer simulation games.
  1. Championship Manager (4)
  2. Soccer Manager Pro (2)

FIFA Soccer 13
Details on the PC version of FIFA Soccer 13.

UEFA Euro 2012 (PC)
Details on the first expansion pack to FIFA Soccer 12 on PC, UEFA Euro 2012.

FIFA Soccer 12
Details on the PC version of Electronic Arts' soccer simulation, FIFA 12.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Details on Konami's soccer simulation for PC, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

"Football Superstars"
"Football Superstars," an online (and free!) sports game for soccer star wannabes. Your job is to not function as the coach, instead work on one player's career. Games are played in matches of 3 to 11 on each side. Your team mate is another player online at the same time you are. No playing against computer players! Matches are setup based on your ability.

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