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NBA 2K13 (PC)


NBA 2K13 (PC)
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Release Info:

  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Platform: PC
  • Format: DVD-ROM, Digital Download
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Release Date: Fall 2012

Key Features:

  • Features a soundtrack, pre-game introductions and interactive menus influenced by Jay Z
  • Assign custom animations to created athletes and acquire new equipment
  • Includes a revamped passing system to minimize errant throws
  • Play as or against the 1992 and 2012 USA Men's National Teams
  • Choose from a variety of classic teams from NBA history and use them online
  • Collect uniforms, players, arenas, and boosts for use in the My Team mode


Take-Two's award-winning basketball series returns to PC with NBA 2K13. Featuring a revamped soundtrack and presentation overseen by recording artist Jay Z, NBA 2K13 also includes new play modes, enhanced controls, and various other tweaks.

The all-new "Control Stick" allows for more enhanced ball control while dribbling, shooting, and passing. A new dynamic shot generating system allows for more diverse shooting animations that take into account a player's height, weight, strength, and momentum instead of using the same scripted or "canned" animation routines regardless of the players involved or situation.

The artificial intelligence is designed to be more adaptive than in previous games, resulting in the computer finding more ways to exploit potential weaknesses and mismatches than before. The passing system has also been refined, allowing for more realistic tipped passes, interceptions, and deflections during the course of play.

The My Player option in no longer a separate play mode in NBA 2K13, but rather a collection of customization features under one label. Once you create a custom athlete from scratch, you'll be able to assign up to five signature skills to show off on the hardwood, acquire distinctive pre-game rituals, and even create your own style of sneakers from over 45 shoe components.

Personalizing your creating athlete is accomplished by not only improving his abilities on the court, but by spending Virtual Currency on items. Virtual Currency is earned simply by playing each game mode or participating in the mobile or Facebook versions of the game. In-game cash can then be used on clothing items such as suits for interviews, stat-boosting shorts to improve on-court abilities, and even skills.

My Career mode is where you'll take your created player through an NBA career, starting with the Rookie Showcase and continuing through the NBA Draft and a roster spot on a professional team. NBA 2K13 also includes both the 1992 Dream Team from the Olympics and the 2012 USA Men's National Team. Players can pit the original Dream Team against its more modern equivalent to determine which squad was the greatest of all time.

In addition to the NBA teams from the 2012-13 season and the U.S. "Dream Teams," NBA 2K13 also features an assortment of classic teams to play as or against. You can now choose to play these teams online, allowing for more choices when playing against friends, family members, or other online users.

NBA 2K13's My Team mode has you collecting players, uniforms, arenas, and temporary boosts over time as you prepare to challenge other teams in a tiered matchmaking system. The Association Mode from previous installments returns with more flexibility in NBA 2K13, allowing players to set the parameters while simulating games, adjust sliders for leagues, and commissioners to reset or alter outcomes of games.

Once again veteran broadcasters Steve Kerr, Clark Kellogg, and Kevin Harlan will handle the play-by-play and color commentary while you play. When connected online, the commentary will update to incorporate actual events as they happen around the league. The broadcasters will also make note of your created player's progress based on the decisions you make throughout his career.

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