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"Bass Tournament Tycoon" (PC)


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"Bass Tournament Tycoon"

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Release Date:

February 2007

"Bass Tournament Tycoon" Description:

"Bass Tournament Tycoon" is not your normal fishing game. While there is fishing going on, your focus is on providing the perfect fishing spot. This is done through modifying the lake (size, shape, plant life) and providing services (buildings) that the fishermen want. Adding accommodations, food stands, and shopping is one part of managing the lake. You'll also have to run a tournament by offering prize money and getting sponsors. As the manager, you aren't left out of the fishing. You have a fisherman represent you in tournaments. Set your strategy (location, bait, etc.) and he'll do the fun part - fish.

"Bass Tournament Tycoon" Features:

  • 18 levels
  • 8 Sandbox environments
  • Dozens of level variations
  • 1000's of usable items
  • Set up the tournament and be responsible for recruiting sponsors and manging the finances
  • Use the Bass-Cam to follow fish.

"Bass Tournament Tycoon" Demo:

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