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"Big Buck Hunter" (PC)


Big Buck Hunter Box Cover

"Big Buck Hunter"

Box Cover © Midway.





Release Date:

October 2007


Hunting Simulation

ESRB Rating:

T for Teens, Mild Violence

"Big Buck Hunter" Description:

"Big Buck Hunter" is a hunting simulation that comes with a hunting mode and 25 mini-games that Midway says will "sharpen your skills." The challenge is to shot as many buck as you possibly can in one hunting trip. Compare Prices

"Big Buck Hunter" Features:

  • Work on your hunting skills in 25 mini-games.
  • 20 locations to hunt at.
  • 25 types of prey.
  • 4 "Big Buck Hunter" arcade games included.

"Big Buck Hunter" Impressions:

The "Big Buck Hunter" trailer shows us scenes with multiple deer running in all directions. The trailer gives me the impression that while the graphics may be on the realistic side, the gameplay has an arcade-style.
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