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Strategy Sim Games

Analyzing and thinking ahead is the name of the game with strategy sim games. These games require more thought and anticipation of results from your actions. Themes of strategy games range from anything from sports to hospital management. Strategy games will immerse into a world through statistics and management.
  1. Baseball Mogul
  2. Black and White 2
  3. City Building Games
  4. ER: The Game
  5. Hospital Tycoon
  6. Locomotion
  7. NFL Head Coach
  8. Out of the Park
  9. Pacific Storm
  10. Restaurant Empire
  11. Sid Meier's Pirates (2)
  12. Sid Meier's Railroads!
  13. Spring Break
  14. The Movies
  15. The Sims
  16. The Sims 2
  17. Tycoon Games
  18. War Games
  19. War Games (65)

FTL: Faster Than Light
Details on the independently developed, sci-fi computer game FTL: Faster Than Light, which has you managing a crew on board a starship traveling through eight sectors of space.

Details on Pardox Interactive's dungeon-building game, Impire, developed by Cyanide Studios for the PC.

Gratuitous Tank Battles
Details on Positech Games' Gratuitous Tank Battles, a strategy simulation title that lets you play as either the attacker or defender on a series of maps.

A Game of Dwarves
Information on A Game of Dwarves, a humorous management game that has your digging, mining, and building settlements for a population of dwarves.

Fate of the World: Tipping Point Review
An in-depth review of the strategy-simulation game, Fate of the World: Tipping Point.

Demolition Inc.
Details on Demolition Inc., a game that has you destroying cities using a variety of offbeat tools and weapons.

Port Royale 3
Details on Kalypso's third entry in the Port Royale series of sailing and trading games.

Dungeons: The Dark Lord
Details on the follow-up to 2011's lair-management game, Dungeons.

Dungeons Review
A review of Kalypso's Dungeons computer game.

Fate of the World
A profile of the Fate of the World computer game.

Details on Kalypso's strategy simulation game, Dungeons.

"Democracy 2" Screenshots (PC)
View screenshots showing off Democracy 2, a computer game, gives you the task of taking charge of a government. It's all up to you to make the decisions to keep your people happy in Democracy 2.

"Bowl Bound College Football"
Bowl Bound College Football is a sports management computer simulation game. You are the coach of a college football team, and have to find the right balance of study, practice, and games.

"American History Lux"
Recreate the battles in American history using historically accurate maps. The battles start from the colonization of America to the war in Iraq.

"NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007"
Take over the management of an NHL team with Sega's "NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007." The direction of the team is up to you. The style of play, who gets play time, trades, drafts, and finances.

Sims to Make You Smile
While the primary allure of a computer sim is the sense of realism it conveys, the subject matter doesn't necessarily have to be dry or humorless. In fact, the genre is rife with titles that satisfy one's need to construct, command and control, but also to grin, giggle and guffaw. Here are five computer titles, in no particular order, that are...

Stronghold 3
Details on the castle-building kingdom sim Stronghold 3, developed by FireFly Studios and published by 7Sixty.

From Dust
Details on the home computer version of Ubisoft's god sim, From Dust.

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