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"The Sims"

"The Sims" is a game where you control a family of sim people. You have power over their relationships, house, job, and sleeping and eating habits. "The Sims" has 7 expansion packs that add to the Sims drama. Expansion packs add more gameplay and new objects to "The Sims."
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"The Sims" (PC)
February 4, 2000 was the day that started it all - "The Sims" was released. "The Sims," a game simulating the mundane tasks of every day, skyrocketed to top of best-selling game charts becoming a gaming phenomenon. "The Sims" and its seven expansions (packs with additional objects and playing features) remained on the best-sellers list until the sequel, "The Sims 2," was released.

"The Sims" Cheats - Money Cheat, Move Objects Cheats for "The Sims"
"The Sims" cheats will help you change the game in ways you normally can't. "The Sims" cheats for money, moving objects, importing files, and more.

"The Sims Complete Collection" - Buy "The Sims" and All Expansion Packs
Buy The Sims and all its expansion packs in one collection titled The Sims Complete Collection.

Gifts for "The Sims" Fans
Gift ideas for gamers who enjoy playing The Sims. Gift ideas relate to their favorite game, The Sims

"The Sims" & Expansion Packs
A list of expansion packs, each with a description and a link to a review. Read this list to make sure you have all the expansion packs.

"The Sims" Cheats
Want more money? The money code is just one the cheats listed on this page of "The Sims" cheats.

More "The Sims" Cheats
More cheat codes and hints, such as ways to make sure you don't miss the carpool again.

"The Sims" Daily Tip Newsletter
By signing up to the "The Sims" Tips Newsletter you will recieve a tip in your inbox each day for 25 days.

"The Sims" 101
"The Sims" 101 is an email course that will teach you basic strategies, and provide information about expansion packs and downloads. And best of all, it's free!

Review: "The Sims"
So what is this game all about? You control a family of Sims. You have power over their job, relationships, when they eat, how much sleep they get, and so much more.

Quiz: Are You Addicted to "The Sims?"
You've spent many sleepless nights at the computer playing "The Sims." Your family thinks your crazy when you talk about your energy bar, and sometimes you simply forget to eat. If this sounds like you, may be addicted to "The Sims." Take this quiz, and find out just how addicted you are. Plus you'll get a cool prize at the end.

"The Sims" Demo
Details on whether there will be a demo for The Sims.

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