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The Sims 2 Downloads: Clothes, Objects, and Hair

A favorite part of "The Sims 2" for many players is the downloads. One could spend hours exploring fan sites loaded with "The Sims 2" downloads. Everything from hair and clothes to makeup and furniture. Best of all, using the "The Sims 2" downloads is not complicated and most are free.
  1. Christmas & Hanukkah (12)
  2. Download "The Sims 2" Hacks (9)
  3. Download Clothes & Hair (27)
  4. Download Wallpaper (3)
  5. Halloween Downloads (9)
  6. Neighborhoods (4)
  7. Object Downloads (33)
  8. Open for Business Downloads (13)
  9. Sim Editors / Tools (8)
  10. The Sims 2 Fan Sites A to Z (68)
  11. The Sims 2 Houses Downloads (11)
  12. The Sims 2 Pets Downloads
  13. Valentine's Day Downloads (5)

Free "Sims 2" Downloads

I hope you have a couple or 6 hours to spare. The Sims community is an amazing group of gamers. Talented and giving. Your Sims' homes won't look all the same once you start downloading free "Sims 2" objects.

Harry Potter Downloads for "The Sims 2"

The final Harry Potter books is out and has already been read by millions. This is by no means the end of the Harry Potter mania. Make your own stories up about Harry, Hermione, and Ron, or recreate the ones you know by heart.

How to Install "The Sims 2" Downloads

Instructions on how installing objects and clothes downloads. Fast and painless for most downloads!

"The Sims 2" Using Objects: Color Options Enabler (CEP) Download

To use recolors of objects created for The Sims 2, you will need to download a plugin, Color Options Enabler or CEP.

"The Sims 2" No-CD Patch

Downloading a no-cd patch is one way to avoid switching cds all the time. You may want to reconsider downloading one for "The Sims 2."

The Sims 2 Content Manager

A tool put out by Maxis to help you manage your downloads.

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