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What Are "The Sims 2" Cheats?


Question: What Are "The Sims 2" Cheats?
Answer: "The Sims 2" cheats are similar to the ones found in the original game. There are cheats to move objects, change terrain, and get money, plus there are cheats for new features found in "The Sims 2."

"The Sims 2" cheat menu is reached through pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C.

"The Sims 2" Cheats

kaching - 1000 simoleans.

motherlode - 50,000 simoleans.

expand - Expands or contracts cheat window.

moveobjects on (or off) - Moves unmovable objects.

aging on (or off) - Turns the aging process off or on.

terraintype (desert/temperate) - For use in the neighborhood view, this will change the terrain.

faceBlendLimits -on/off - This cheat code turns off facial bounding limitations for the Create-A-Family. It prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial structures, which can result in very unusual children.

DeleteAllCharacters - Deletes all families. Use in the neighborhood screen.

Can't find a cheat to help you? Try a "The Sims 2" mod.

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