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Download "The Sims 2" Hacked Objects

Gamers have found a way to hack into the objects and game files in "The Sims 2." Always use caution when downloading hacks, and be sure to backup your neighborhoods.
  1. Open for Business Hacks

Top Mods / Hacks for "The Sims 2"

We all have our own ideas about what needs to be changed about The Sims 2. With hacks and mods we can change some things about The Sims 2, like add teen pregnancy.

"The Sims 2" Nude Patch

Download the nude patch for "The Sims 2" to get rid of the blur.

"The Sims 2 Nightlife" Nude Patch - Getting Rid of the Censor / Blur

The nude patch or cheat code removes the blur when Sims are naked in The Sims 2 Nightlife expansion pack.

Mod The Sims 2

Mod The Sims 2 is not the typical download site. The site offers the typical downloads (like genetics, clothes, and families) and discusses how to mod "The Sims 2." You'll have to register to download.

DMA Sims 2

The focus of DMA Sims 2 is creating new NPCs. They already have a Worker NPCs, Woohoo NPCs, and an Entertainment Set.


Global hacks, hacked objects, and more mods for "The Sims 2" and expansion packs. You will need to register to download and make comments about the downloads.

More Awesome Than You

More Awesome Than You is in a forum setup, with the download section having each thread devoted to a different hack. The hacks help make the game more realistic or fix those annoying things Sims tend to do.

Sim Chaotics

Sim Chaotics has a few hacked objects for "The Sims 2." Those objects are a recolor of the Alienware computer and a painting that green up your Sims needs meters.

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