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"TS2 Enhancer" : A Character Editing Tool for "The Sims 2"



Rick Halle


"TS2 Enhancer" is a character and neighborhood editor for "The Sims 2." The program allows you to edit Sims in ways, that you are not allowed to do within "The Sims 2" game. For example, you can give and take away skills points, or change the relantionship of Sims.


24 Free Trial, Full version $19.95


A Partial List of Features:

  • Change Career
  • Change Relantionship Scores/Type (Friend, Crush, Etc.)
  • Backup Neighborhoods
  • Edit Skills
  • Change Personality
  • Change Aspiration
  • Clone Characters
  • Change Sim Name
  • View Character Information

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