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"The Sims 2" Adoption

Adoption gives your Sims a chance to adopt a baby, child, or toddler.


Not all Sims want to become pregnant to have a child. Fortune sims may be too busy earning money. Family sims may not find the love of their life. Same-sex couples may also want to raise children. Whatever the reason your Sim doesn't want to (or can't) get pregnant, but wants to care for a child, adoption is the way to go.

How to Adopt
Adoption is only a call away in "The Sims 2." The adoption agency can be found under Services in the phonebook. The household must have 3000 simoleans to adopt. If you are approved the Social Worker will bring your new child the next day at 10 AM. To make sure someone is there to recieve the child, it's best to call the day before a Sim's day off.

At 10 AM the Social Worker will arrive and a screen will pop-up asking you if you wish to adopt a baby, child, or toddler. This is the only option you have when adopting.

Note: If a child is taken away from his/her family by the Social Worker, this child will be the first in line to be adopted.

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