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TSR Workshop - Make Objects, Clothes, Hair for "The Sims 3"



The Sims Resource (www.thesimsresource.com)


Create-a-Style allows us to change the colors of just about everything in “The Sims 3.” EA didn’t give us a way to create new clothes, hair, or furniture. TSR Workshop changes that. The third party program gives us access to game files and edit to design our own "The Sims 3" objects, clothes, and hair.


  • Full Support: Clothing, Makeup (except eyebrows), Textures, Accessories (few items cannot be recolored), Patterns
  • Partial Support: Hair, export and import of meshes,

Exporting / Sharing Files:

Creations are exported in .sims3pack format.

Who Needs it?:

Anyone who wants to create hair, clothes, patterns, or furniture.


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