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The Sims 3 Downloads: Hair

Is new hair the best Sims makeover, ever? Read on!


While the hair that come with The Sims 3 is quite lovely, you aren't restricted to only using what came with the game. Now, thanks to the ability to use custom content, you can download all kinds of new hair colors and styles to make your Sim shine like never before. You'll have to control your jealousy, however. New hair for you isn't quite as easy.

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The Sims Resource

The Sims Resource is a unique site. It is a community of gamers who chat on forums and upload custom content. Downloads require a paid membership, and quality ranges from okay to incredible. The good news is that there is always new content being uploaded. Hair downloads are available for all ages and sexes.

Mod The Sims

Traditional, funky, trendy, simple -- all hair choices you'll find at Mod the Sims. This is another web site with a community full of unique styles of hair downloads.

There are currently over 100 different hair styles for all of the categories (male, female, child, teen, adult, elder, etc.). So between the vast number of styles and the fact they support so many categories, you're bound to find something great for your sim.

XM Sims

XM Sims has multiple categories, but we're focusing solely on the hair. With multiple colors and angles, you'll be sure to find the right style from the nearly two dozens styles they have available for download. Your sim is gonna look stlyin' with these new styles.

Savio's Stuff

Funky hair styles are on the menu at Savio's. This site contains some of the creator's own works, and conversions from free Sims 2 hair downloads.

Rose Sims

With styles that lean towards the younger set, Rose Set might have something for you if your sim is younger.

There are also some fun, formal styles that might be fun for the time your sim goes out on the town.


With hair styles that work on multiple ages, the wonderful Japanese-influenced styles bring a sense of wonder and travel to your sim. There are hair styles for both genders.

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