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"The Sims 3" Clothes Downloads

Too many clothes? Not in "The Sims 3."


Sims' closets cannot not become too full with clothing. It's impossible! Content creators are hard at work creating new styles (aka meshes). Beware when downloading -- some meshes replace the originals.

The Sims Resource

The Sims Resource is a community of gamers who chat on the forums and many upload custom content. Downloads require a paid membership. Quality ranges from okay to incredible. Good new is that there is always new content being uploaded. Clothing downloads are for both sexes and all ages.

Mod the Sims

There isn't much you won't find at Mod the Sims. Funky clothes. Sophisticated designs. Workout outfits. It's all here created by an assortment of designers. Great place "shop" first if you're looking for many new outfits.

Around The Sims 3

Around the Sims has been a favorite of mine since "The Sims." This time is no different. I'm loving the bright, vibrant colors she's been designing in (you can change the colors). The new meshes are a must-have.

Peggy Zone

The young adult female will want you to visit Peggy Zone. She needs these clothes. Afterall - she must dress to impress, right?

Liana Sims 3

Clothes and accessories for "The Sims 3." Pants, dresses, and great t-shirts for the guys.

Rose Sims

Rose Sims has some interesting new meshes. The focus is on the girls.


Clothing for the young generation of Sims. You won't find granny clothing at Elynia's.


A little bit of everything for dressing your Sims. Some edits of Maxis base meshes, others are new meshes. LiliSims has a variety of styles - casual to formal.

All About Style

All About Style has a modern, hip style clothing. Great guy's clothing too! Some clothing is in a standard clothes packages. Many come in a pattern. You can have that funky design for clothing and on the sofa.

Anna Maria Sims

Modern patterns and clothing for women. Everyday clothing has an upscale look. Perfect for the Sims needing to look fashionable.

Miss Skitty's

Do not view at work. Miss Skitty's clothing is on the adult side, and generally takes on a Gothic style.

Stylist Sims

Modern clothing for the modern Sim families. Classy designs, perfect for Sims who have money or want to look like they do.
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