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We can't have our Sims owning all the same furniture and clothing. All furniture and clothing currently in "Sims 3" can be recolored through the Create-A-Style tool. One source of new "Sims 3" objects, clothes, and hair is at EA's "Sims 3" Store. The Sims Resource has released a tool to create new objects, clothes, and hair. TSR Workshop is what custom content creators will need to download.

1. "The Sims 3" Furniture Downloads

The Sims 3
Screenshot © Electronic Arts.
Sure, "The Sims 3" came with a great tool (the Create-a-Style) to help us create unique living areas and appearances. That doesn't mean we couldn't use more furniture and clothing styles created by other players.

2. "The Sims 3" Clothes Download

The Sims 3
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Sims' closets cannot not become too full with clothing. It's impossible! Content creators are hard at work creating new styles (aka meshes). Beware when downloading; some meshes replace the originals.

3. "The Sims 3" Hair Downloads

The Sims 3
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Your resource for finding "The Sims 3" hair downloads. You can't have your Sims having all the same hair style.

4. "The Sims 3" Store

10 dollars will get you 1,000 points at the store. Hair and clothing are downloaded and bought individually. Objects can be bought individually or by the set. Items are roughly about 100 points each, or $1. The purchase of "The Sims 3" comes with 1,000 points. Or you can just download the few free items.

5. "The Sims 3" Exchange

Everyone with a thesims3.com account can upload their Sims, recolors, and homes to the Exchange. Browse the Exchange offerings through "The Sims 3" launcher or the web site. Items are downloaded and installed easily through the launcher, reached by starting the game.

6. "The Sims 3" Nude Patch

The nude patch gets rid of the blur that covers Sims as they use bathroom, shower, or are otherwise naked. What's revealed are Barbie doll figures. Men are not anatomically correct.

7. Parsimonious

"The Sims 3" downloads at Parsimonious are the same fantastic quality we saw and downloaded for "The Sims 2." Patterns can be used on anything like walls and furniture sets, and will have an universal appeal. My favorites are the houses; beautifully landscaped and ready for Sims.

8. XM Sims 3

You must visit XM Sims for the hair. Beautiful long hair awaits you. Forget the rest of the sections (though those are nice too). You need "The Sims 3" hair made by XM Sims.

9. The Sims Resource

Membership Required: The Sims Resource is a community of Simmers. The quality is not equal - though you'll find gorgeous items here. Patterns, new objects, houses, hair - you name it, they have it.

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