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"The Sims Castaway Stories" (PC)


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"The Sims Castaway Stories"

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ESRB Rating:

Rating Pending

Release Date:

January 29, 2008

The Stories Series:

"The Sims Stories" is a series of Sims games aimed for the laptop gamer or a new player to "The Sims" series. Each game in the series has 2 guided stories, where you are given objectives to complete, and a free play mode. No other games are required to play "The Sims Castaway Stories."

"The Sims Castaway Stories" Description:

You know how you sometimes make Sims rough it when you first start a new family? No walls, limited furniture, and hardly any fun things to do? "The Sims Castaway Stories" is sort of like that. Sims are in the middle of nowhere and need your help finding surviving and getting home. There will be two guided stories where you are given tasks to complete before the story moves forward.

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