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Top 5 Airport Sims


Take over an airport and all the responsibilities that come with it in these airport sim games. Setup security, manage traffic, and set flight schedules are just some of the tasks you'll have to complete.

1. "Airlines 2"

In "Airlines 2" you don't control just a single airport, instead you manage an entire airline. "Airlines 2" makes you responsible for setting up routes and keeping the airline financially secure.


Managing an airline an "AIRLINE" is not easy. You will have to buy airplanes, set up schedules, decide which type of seats each plane has, meals served, and more. Your airline can have destinations across the world. It'll be up to you to decide which destinations will earn the most money.

3. "Airline Tycoon Evolution"

"Airline Tycoon Evolution" is the follow-up to "Airline Tycoon" game. Your objective is to build an airport from the ground up. You oversee every detail of the airport including the level of security, customizing aircraft, and aircraft maintenance.

4. "ATC Simulator 2"

This game has everything you need to experience the job of an air traffic controller. The graphics are not fancy, because they represent actual maps used by ATCs. The sound consists of beeps and voices of pilots.

5. "Airport Tycoon"

Design, build, and manage traffic in "Airport Tycoon." Choose one of 75 cities to manage an airport in. You'll have to make deals with airlines, set up security, and manage traffic congestion. There are now three versions of "Airport Tycoon." Each have similar goals and gameplay.
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