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Growing up I loved to play with Barbies. They sure didn't have Barbie computer games then, if they did, I'm sure I would have loved playing with them. Barbie games will help introduce your young girl gamer to computers while letting her play with a subject she's use too - Barbie! Many of the Barbie games are centered around an adventure and solving a mystery. There are Barbie games that focus on dressing them and putting on makeup as well.

1. "Barbie Fashion Show"

Barbie Fashion Show Box Cover
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It's Fashion Week in Paris for Barbie! Dress Barbie (choose the style, color, textures) for the runway. The Barbie game gives the young gamer 10 missions to complete in 3 different studios.
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2. "Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride"

Almost every girl dreams have owning a horse. With Barbie on her horse, the player will have to guide the horse along the trails, with puzzles to solve along the way.
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3. "Barbie Pet Rescue"

For ages 5 to 12, players will be on the search for pets to rescue. The Barbie game requires the player to figure out the best way to rescue an animal and to nurture the animal once he is rescued.
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4. "Barbie as Rapunzel"

Barbie as Rapunzel Cover
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Players must find gems from the Prince's crown that are scattered throughout a castle. Barbie needs to decorate the rooms and collect all the gems to help the Prince get his castle back. For ages 5 to 8.
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5. "Kelly Club Pet Parade"

Kelly Club Pet Parade Cover
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For kids ages 4 to 6, instead of Barbie the player gets to help Kelly and her friends. This time the pets are not being rescued, they are given outfits so they will be ready to get the decorate floats. Once the floats are ready, a parade will commence, complete with fireworks.
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