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You can read previews, reviews, even a long list of features, and you can't always know for sure you will enjoy a game. The best way to find out how a game works and looks is hands-on experience. Downloading a game demo before buying is always a good choice.

"Spore Creature Creator" Demo

Spore Creature Creator
Screenshot © Electronic Arts.
Take a single celled organism and guide it through evolution to intelligent space explorers. This demo is for the creature editor. All of a creatures development to their body occurs in the Creature Stage. The demo gives you 25% of the body parts available in the full version found in "Spore."

"Sid Meier's Railroads!" Demo

Screenshot © Take 2 Interactive.
It's time to get to work on railroad systems and routing trains to get goods to their destination efficiently. Laying down track and making sure goods and transported with ease is your main job. "Sid Meier's Railroads!" introduction of game concepts gives the game a low learning curve, making it great for new players to the genre.

"City Life" Demo

Screenshot © Monte Cristo.
The major features of the "City Life" are: a 3D game engine, urban/modern culture, sandbox mode, and custom maps. Similar to "SimCity," the purpose of "City Life" is to develop, manage, and design your dream city. The "City Life" screenshots below show distance shots, zoomed in views, and lots of buildings and people.

"SimCity Societies" Demo

SimCity Societies
Screenshot © Electronic Arts.
"SimCity Societies" takes the "SimCity" series into a different direction. Your city will grow based on culture, behaviors, and societal values, not on taxes and services. You dream up a city to create, and "SimCity Societies" has the tools to make it. Small town, industrial, capitalist, romantic, fun, contemplative, authoritarian, and cyberpunk are types of cities you can build.

"Microsoft Flight Simulator X" Game Demo

Screenshot © Microsoft.
Microsoft's "Flight Simulator" series has a long standing history of being the flight simulator that every fan of the genre should have. Nearing the 25th anniversary, "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" gives itself a makeover with mission-based play and ability to communicate and fly with other gamers.

"Caesar IV" Demo

Screenshot © Sierra.
You're the governor of Rome. Your role is to help a city flourish and make sure the demands of citizens are met, while at the same time balancing between their needs and building the military.

"Fish Tycoon" Game Demo

Fish Tycoon
Screenshot © Last Day of Work.
"Fish Tycoon" is not one of the bigger retail titles. The graphics are outdated, it's all made up in the gameaplay. It's all about breeding fish and finding the 7 magical fish. You start off with a handful of fish and must crossbreed the fish. Supplies will need to be bought and research conducted before hybrid breeds will survive.

"Glory of the Roman Empire" Demo

Screenshot © CDV.
A city building based on the Roman Empire involves building the right combination of buildings near each other to ensure citizens get the services and food they need to thrive and stay healthy. The demo has a handful of missions to show you the ropes.

"Virtual Villagers" Demo

Screenshot © Last Day of Work.
Villagers stranded on an island need your help to solve the puzzles of the island. "Virtual Villagers" has 16 puzzles that will be solved by exploring the island, research, and construction. Because "Virtual Villagers" runs in real-time, it's an excellent option when you have a few minutes to waste or for taking a break from real work.
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