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When buying a game for a teen, you have many games to pick from. Any rated E or Teen would be age appropriate for the recipient. Just be sure to read for the type of content the game includes, especially when the game is for a younger teen.

1. "SimCity Societies"

SimCity Societies Box Cover
Box Cover © Electronic Arts.
"SimCity Societies" is going to look much different from the previous game in the series, "SimCity 4." Urban planning is focused on the culture and atmosphere you hope to create in the city. Developers have said one goal of "SimCity Societies" is to be user-friendly and easy for new players to pick up learn quickly. The "SimCity" series has been a favorite of city buildings since it's first release in 1989.
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2. "Kudos Rock Legends"

Kudos Rock Legend Screenshot
Screenshot © Positech Games.
Most teen love music and can found with an Ipod nearby at all times. Maybe they won't all get to be leaders of a rock band, but they may like to pretend by writing songs, choosing band members, and trying to get gigs in "Kudos Rock Legend." Game can be bought online.

3. "Black and White 2"

Black and White Box Cover
Box Cover © Lionhead Studios.
The gamer is God in "Black and White 2." The people need a leader and beg for someone to guide them. As the God, you can choose to be evil or good as you work through the objectives in 9 lands.

4. "The Movies"

Box Cover © Activision.
"The Movies" is an open-ended game that will provide hours upon hours of gameplay. The gamer will buy buildings for their movie studio, hire staff members (actors, writers, camera crew, etc.), and release movies. The fascinating part about this game, is that the player is not limited to the scripts the game will create. You can create your own movies from the props, sets, actors, and scenes that come with the game.
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