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Be in the middle of the action with helicopter sims. Some put in you in combat, while others have you concentrating on people who need to be rescued. If you're tired of airplane flight sims, helicopter sims might be a good genre to try.

1. "Comanche 4"

"Comanche 4" is a fast-paced helicopter simulation, put in the pilot seat of the U.S. Army's RAH-66 Comanche. The missions becoming challenging quickly after the first few. If you can overcome the frustration of learning to play, you'll enjoy the graphics, complex missions, and action.

2. "Search and Rescue Vietnam Med Evac"

Instead of playing a part in the combat, you play a rescue role in "Vietnam Med Evac." It's your job to get injured military members out of the line of fire, and to medical personnel. The game has two modes of play - Easy and Realistic.
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3. "Coastal Heroes"

Another game that is part of the Search and Rescue games by Global Star Software. This time you are a Coast Guard officer that must save people in extreme situations.

4. "Apache Havoc"

A released a few years ago, so it's difficult to find, but is a must have for helicopter fans. There are two choices of helicopters to fly: US AH-64D Apache Longbow and the Russian Mil-28N Havoc B. A good game for beginner flight gamers, as well as experts.

5. "SimCopter"

"SimCopter" is one of Maxis' older games. In this game, you fly a helicopter around cities completing tasks given by a dispatcher.
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