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Top 4 Investigation Computer Games


The games listed below aren't true sim games, they are more on the lines of adventure games. However, they give us the best opportunity to be a detective and solve a few crimes.

1. "Law and Order : Dead on the Money"

"Law and Order" is modeled after the hit TV show, and tries to keep the game as close to the show as possible. There are two parts to the game the investigation and trial. While the game is enjoyable, the problem comes in that the replay value is low and the game can be completed quickly.
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2. "Post Mortem"

You are Gus MacPherson, a private detective in charge of solving the murder of a hotel guest in an upscale hotel during the 1920s in Paris. The story is sophisticated, but has a flaws that prevent the game from being the first top pick. The flaws: graphics, poor voice acting, and a few bugs.
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3. "CSI : Crime Scene Investigation"

You start off as a recruit and working with a team member from the CSI team. You are guided through the process of solving 5 crimes. Solving a crime involves talking to witnesses and suspects, while using forensic tools. The game can be finished in hours and doesn't leave many decisions for you to make. For these reasons the game is best for true fans of CSI TV show.

4. "Law and Order : Justice is Served"

While much of the game is point and click, the puzzles add difficulty and change the pace. "Law and Order: Justice is Served" captures the essence of the television show through the transition screens, sound, and the likenesses of the detectives. Gamers and non-gamers alike who enjoy a good case to solve and Law and Order will find a lot to like about "Law and Order: Justice is Served."

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