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Top Life Sims for the PC


Overseeing life forms, playing God essentially, are what life sims are all about. The genre gives you control over what happens in the lives of your games. Sometimes it's pet, sometimes plants, often times it's virtual characters, the most popular being Sims.

1. "The Sims 2"

The Sims 2
The new features of "The Sims 2" makes it a must have for fans, if they have a powerful enough computer. The new aging process, aspirations, wants/fears panel, and 3D graphics are on the top of the list of new features.

2. "Kudos"

Kudos Screenshot
Screenshot © Positech Games.
Finding the right balance between friends, work, and play is not always easy in life. Neither is it in "Kudos," a text-based life simulation that challenges you to guide your avatar through life during their 20s. The character's life revolves around making decisions between advancing up the career ladder or socializing.

3. "The Sims"

"The Sims" is the most addicting game I have ever played. People who don't normally like sim games, are now totally addicted. So what is this game all about? You control a family of Sims. You have power over their job, relationships, when they eat, how much sleep they get, and so much more. Building and decorating their homes is one of my favorite things to do.

4. "Black and White 2"

Haven't we all wanted to play god at one point? In "Black and White" you play god, and try to win the loyalty of people. You can either be a good god or an evil one. You also raise a creature in your form. So if you are good to your people, the creature will also. If you are looking for a new game, this would be a great one to try.
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5. "Virtual Villagers"

Virtual Villagers Screenshot
Screenshot © Last Day of Work.
A group of villagers find themselves stranded on an island. Your job is to tell them what needs to be done in order to survive. "Virtual Villagers" runs in real-time, so even when you are not directly playing and telling the villagers what to do, they continuing researching, breeding, and harvesting crops on their own. This sim isn't as in-depth as other life sims. "Virtual Villagers" is has an addition puzzle aspect to the game that once completed, leaves little to be done on the island.

6. "ER: The Game"

"ER" is based on the popular TV series, with likeness from the show appearing in the game. You are a new hire at Chicago's County General Hospital in "ER." You'll have to take care of patients that arrive with injuries and health problems. It's not the perfect hospital sim, with that in mind, it did give me a good number of hours of entertainment.
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