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Top 10 Maxis Sims


Since the early '90s Maxis has been capturing the attention of many gamers. They have consistently developed addicting and entertaining simulation games. They have produced a variety of sim games, anything from managing your own farm to a family of sims.

1. "The Sims 2" DVD Edition

"The Sims 2" is not just a rehash of "The Sims" with new graphics and a couple new objects and features. "The Sims 2" takes the game to a new level with aging, aspirations, and 3D graphics. The gameplay is just as addictive, if not more so, as the original. It's a great edition to fans of Maxis games.

2. "SimCity 4 Deluxe"

"SimCity 4" is the city building game I've been waiting for. Despite the bugs, no scenarios, and slow graphics with large cities, this is still the best version. Create the terrain you've always wanted, build industrial communities, and import a Sim. The gameplay hasn't changed much, but that's not a complaint! The Deluxe Edition includes the "Rush Hour" expansion pack.

3. "The Sims"

"The Sims" is the most addicting game I have ever played. People who don't normally like sim games, are now totally addicted. So what is this game all about? You control a family of Sims. You have power over their job, relationships, when they eat, how much sleep they get, and so much more. Building and decorating their homes is one of my favorite things to do.

4. "Sid Meier's SimGolf"

"SimGolf" is a golf resort management sim, that will keep you amused and addicted. The variety of play keeps the game fun, yet challenging. The graphics are coloful and fun, and the sounds are cute. "SimGolf" offers a variety of building options, to help you create a fun and challenging golf course. You can even play on your course.

5. "SimCity Classic"

This is the game that started it all for me. The game is very basic, and very primitive graphics. However, it's one of those games that I love to go back to. You'll build residential, commercial, and industrial areas without all the options of "SimCity 3000." It's hard to find this game by itself, but you can buy it in the "SimMania for Kids Pack." You'll get 6 games, including "SimCity Classic."

6. "SimFarm"

"SimFarm" is a fun game about farm management. You choose the environment your farm is located, and which types of crops. You can also have animals. It is hard to find this game by itself, so you'll probably have to buy it in a pack of games.

7. "SimCity 2000"

For some, this is their favorite version of "SimCity." This game was a great improvement over the classic version. There are more tools and better graphics. But the idea behind the game didn't change at all.

8. "SimTower"

"SimTower" is a great addictive game is one of Maxis' older sim games. In this game you build a tower from the ground up. Your focus is not on the outside, but the inside. You'll designate commercial areas (restaurants, offices, etc.) and residential areas. You'll also have to find a way for visitors to easy go from place to place.

9. "SimCoaster"

You build your dream theme park in "SimCoaster." You build and design roller coasters, and other rides. You can even walk around your park and ride on them in a first person view. There are over 200 rides to build and 3 themes.
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10. "SimCopter"

"SimCopter" is one of Maxis' older games. In this game, you fly a helicopter around cities completing tasks given by a dispatcher.

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