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Best Time Waster Games


Procrastinating? Got a few minutes to spare? Or maybe you just don't fee like doing anything at all! One of these games are perfect for those times when you want to make yourself busy (or look busy). Time wasters have fun, quick gameplay that offers multiple levels of play.

"Fish Tycoon"

Fish Tycoon
Screenshot © Last Day of Work.
"Fish Tycoon" proves that the hunt for the perfect breeds (the magic fish!) can easily take over all your other thoughts. It's a game of breeding fish to discover all the possible combinations and all of the magic fish that have special powers. You'll find yourself checking to see if your baby fish have grown and what new hybrid breeds you have created.


Buy land or houses (or build a house), make improvements, and sell or keep for the rent. As a real estate developer, the town mayor gives you goals to meet (build a municipal building, have a number of a certain type of house, etc.). "Build-a-lot" is fast-paced and does not give you unlimited time to make decisions.

"Eye for Design"

Eye for Design
Screenshot © Oberon Games.
Halle lost her job as an interior designer. She'll have to start from the bottom by decorating homes on a small budget. Halle will need your help, of course! The customer has a list of requirements (some optional) the room must meet. You place select furniture and pictures for all types of rooms.

"Virtual Villagers"

Villagers stranded on an island need your help to solve the puzzles of the island. "Virtual Villagers" has 16 puzzles that will be solved by exploring the island, research, and construction. Because "Virtual Villagers" runs in real-time, it's an excellent option when you have a few minutes to waste or for taking a break from real work.

"Ciao Bella"

"Ciao Bella" doesn't have the quick paced gameplay as many of the other games on the list. It's a life sim that puts you in charge of helping Elena get a married and improve her career. The game is divided into 13 weeks. Each week you get a list of objectives that need to be met, while dealing with interruptions from work and family.

"Pizza Frenzy"

Delivering pizzas may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your spare time - but it is! "Pizza Frenzy" has you racing around town to deliver the pizzas as fast and accurately as you can. The levels can be played quickly and when you do beat them, more ingredients are added to the menu - making the game even more difficult.

"Lemonade Tycoon 2"

Take the lemonade stand business to the next level with "Lemonade Tycoon 2." In this edition, you'll set up shop all over New York City, including the Statue of Liberty to the Bronx. You'll set the recipe, prices, and buy accessories to make the lemonade making process faster and keep the customers happy.
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"Diner Dash: Flo on the Go"

The newest incarnation of "Diner Dash" is "Diner Dash: Flo on the Go" with all new restaurants and customers. Help Flo seat the customers, take their orders, and serve them as quickly as possible. To beat this game you'll have to keep up with the fast paced atmosphere of the restaurants.

"Cake Mania"

The plot behind "Cake Mania" is simple. Your grandparents lost their bakery when a big business came into town and drove all the mom and pop shops out of business. Your job is to prove that your small bakery is better than any chain store. "Cake Mania" is another fast-paced game that will test your mouse clicking skills.

"Teddy Factory"

Put together teddy bears as fast you can as the parts move down the assembly line. The parts don't come in order (that'd be much to easy!), so you'll have to think fast to find the best method to putting the bears together.
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"Funky Farm"

Make money by raising sheep and shearing them and slaughtering pigs. Each level is timed. You're goal is to make money, more with each level. As you progress, better tools are available. You will need to build fences for your animals to protect them from wolves.


Plant seeds and watch your flowers grow, while keeping insects away in an arcade-style game. Each level introduces new insects and equipment to deal with the new challenges.
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