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If you have ever wanted to own your island now is your chance. In "Tropico," you are a dictator to a small island in the Caribbean.

Review: "Tropico: Paradise Island Expansion Pack"
"Paradise Island" is a wonderfully done expansion pack that focuses on tourism and fixes a few bugs that are found in the original version.

Review: "Tropico"
"Tropico" is a highly addictive game, that will still installed on my computer.

Review: "Tropico Strategy Guide"
If you are looking for some help learning the basics of "Tropico," this is a great resource to have at hand. Although a lot of the information can also be found in the game's manual. Read the review, find out if its worth buying.

"Tropico" Demo
172.65 MB; Download the demo to learn more about the city building game.

"Tropico" Guide - GameSpot
A game guide with information to get you through the learning stages and strategy tips to help with scenarios.

Cafe Tropico
"Tropico" fans if you haven't been to this site before, go now. Not only is this a great place to meet other "Tropico" fans, but there are many great informative articles and downloads.

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