1. Technology

"The Sims 2 University" Influence System


People use their influence to get jobs done all the time. It's no different with "The Sims 2 University." The expansion pack adds an influence meter, that is filled as Sims do certain activities in their want panel. Wants that earn influence points have a blue outline around them.

Influence points are used by clicking on another Sim and choosing the influence menu. A list of things to influence a Sim to do will highlight which ones are available. Examples of what Sims can be influenced to do include: clean the house, repair broken objects, do homework, and my favorite, write term papers.

I have found little use for the influence system in the regular neighborhood. In college, I use it to make NPCs students write term papers for my Sims. You are not required to use the system and ignoring does not hurt.

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