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"The Sims 2 University" Career Reward Objects


"The Sims 2 University" is about furthering a Sim's education, so it is only fitting that the expansion pack would include new career tracks. Which means that there are new career reward objects to try. The new rewards do not provide a faster way to earn skills. Instead they allow Sims to do an action that is related to their career choice.

"The Sims 2 University" Career Reward Objects

  • Dr. Vu's Automatched Cosmetic Surgeon is rewarded in level 6 of the Show Business track. The reward allows Sims to perform plastic surgery
  • Laganaphyllis Simnovorii is given in the Natural Science track (level 6). The object is affectionatly known as the Cow Plant. The Cow Plant will eat Sims when it is hungry. The result is milk that when taken by a Sim will add 5 days of life.
  • Luminous Pro Antique Camera is a level 5 reward object in the Artist career track. The camera takes pictures of Sims and allows you to either hang or sell the photo.
  • Resurrect-O-Nomitron is rewarded at level 5 of the Paranormal career. The object is used for bringing back Sims from the dead.
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