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"The Sims 2" Downloads for Valentine's Days

Get your Sim involved in the day of love - Valentine's Day. They can get into the holiday spirit of Valentine's Day with these downloads. There are clothes, art, accessories, and objects all themed around Valentine's Day for "The Sims 2."

Official Valentine's Day Objects from Maxis

Maxis has posted art, sunglasses, clothing, teddy bear, and Wigglers of Love for Valentine's Day.

Mod The Sims 2 - Rose Petals

Download rose petals to leave a trail on the floor to the big surprise on Valentine's Day!


If there is going to be a wedding this Valentine's Day for a couple in "The Sims 2," they'll want to visit PronupSims for their wedding attire.

Well Dressed Sim

Clothing (casual and PJ's) for all ages and some candles for Valentine's Day at posted at Well Dressed Sim. You'll need a subscription to download most of the clothing.

The Sims 2 Resource

The Sims 2 Resource is a subscription website, with a selection of free downloads that rotates every 3 days. For Valentine's Day, houses, wallpaper, and clothes are part of their special.

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