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Pet Sims

Pet sims have you caring for one or more domestic animals, such as rabbits, dogs and cats.
  1. Fish Tycoon

Fish Games (PC)
Fish games are not just about catching fish. The majority of games I have listed give goals of breeding and caring for fish for business purposes. All the fish games below have a demo. Kill a few hours by playing the demos. I'm betting the deeper fish games will have you wanting the full version.

"Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge" (PC)
Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge puts a horse in your loving care to train, groom, and feed. Put the time into training your horse, and you just may win the trophy.

"Paws and Claws Pet School" (PC)
Aimed at younger gamers, "Paws and Claws Pet School" is dedicated to take care and treating ailing pets. Owners will bring their pets for the vet to examine and recommend treatment.

"Pet Pals: Animal Doctor" (PC)
Take care of pets as help owners make their animals feel better as the vet in Pet Pals Animal Doctor.

"Horsez" (PC)
Horsez, a computer game, puts the player in charge of raising and learning to take care of a horse. Horsez is a game both adults and children can play.

"Dogz" (PC)
Take care of your very own virtual pet dog in Ubisoft's computer game Dogz. Both adults and children can enjoy Dogz.

"Catz" (PC)
Take care of your very own virtual pet cat in Ubisoft's computer game Catz. Both adults and children can enjoy Catz.

"Pet Vet 3D" (PC)
Kids can take care of animals in the computer game, Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital. Pet Vet 3D will have kids heal their favorite animals, including cats and dogs.

"Puppy Luv: A New Breed" (PC)
You take care of your own virtual puppy in Puppy Luv: A New Breed, a computer sim game.

"Kitty Luv" (PC)
You take care of your own virtual kitty in Activision's Kitty Luv. Feed, play and love your virtual cat.

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