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Breeding Villagers in "Virtual Villagers"

Tips for Breeding Villagers


Villagers live long lives, however, not long enough to solve all the puzzles. Plus with only a handful of villagers, completing the puzzles will take a long time. This is where breeding comes in. It's nothing fancy like in "The Sims 2" where they woohoo under the covers. Two villagers will sneak away into a hut for a few minutes.

How Villagers Breed

Trying to get villagers to have a baby is easy. To breed click and drag one villager over the opposite sex. They will sometimes be repelled by each other or embrace. If all goes well, they will head to a hut to be alone. The problem is that you won't be successful every time. Villagers who have their main skill to be breeding (check out the individual information by double-clicking on one) will be better at breeding.

Save time by checking the population count before you try breeding. If immediately after breeding the count goes up, then they were successful. If not, stop them from heading into the hut, and try again.

Quickly populate your village by setting a male villager to be a breeder. Shut the game off, come back in a few hours, and chances are your village will be packed.

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