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"Zoo Tycoon" Downloads

Download parks, objects, maps, and animals created by other gamers for "Zoo Tycoon" and expansion packs. You can download the official downloads from Microsoft within "Zoo Tycoon."

"Zoo Tycoon" Demo
26.5 MB; This demo includes four popular animals, all 15 terrain types, 7 different buildings, and 5 scenery objects.

APE ("Zoo Tycoon" Object/Animal Editor)
Want to create your own objects and animals for "Zoo Tycoon?" Download APE and start creating your own animals. APE is an official add-on created by Microsoft.

Wisco's Zoo Tycoon
The "Zoo Tycoon" downloads I want to highlight at this site are the zoos. Both freeform and scenario games are up to download. By downloading other people's zoos, you can get more ideas on what works and what doesn't.

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